What is L.A.N. - Elayin Gaming?

Elayin Gaming is a mobile LAN gaming group. We currently host 50 person, 12 hour LANs.


What is a LAN?

LAN is short for Local Area Network. Picture 50 gamers dragging their computers, gaming consoles, mice, keyboards, controllers, etc. to a single location, hooking up to the same network and gaming together.


Sounds like work. Why even bother when I can play online?

Seeing despair drain the color from an enemy player's face as you cut him in half with a mini-gun and steal his team's flag. Finally finishing an entire playthrough of Halo 3 on the hardest difficulty, and fist-bumping your new friend who stuck with you through all of the deaths and cursing. Sharing these experiences and making new connections with other gamers is what makes the LAN environment unforgettable!


Do I have to play the games you have listed?

Absolutely not! Our events are home to players from all genres. Moba, MMORPG, FPS, RTS, and many more. If you want to try and beat Diablo 3 in 12 hours with a few friends and not play any recommended games, then go for it!


Do you host tournaments?



What if I don't have a computer? I only have a console (Xbox/Playstation) at home.

Bring your console set-up! All gamers, PC and Console, are welcome at our events. When you reserve a seat for a Console, you will be reserving an entire table (two seats) because most Console gamers game on T.V.s larger than 36". Have a buddy with a console and T.V. 36" or smaller? Split the cost! Have extra controllers? People are always looking to try new games or replay through a classic. You won't have to look hard to find fellow gamers for some co-op.


Can I pay with cash at the event?

Sorry, but no. Due to limited seating we do require that all seat reservations be made online, via our website. Please also note we will not refund seat reservations to those who are unable to make it to our events. The only exception to this is for an accidental purchase, in which case the customer has 24 hours to fill out a form on our Contact page to let us know. If we are not contacted through our Contact page within 24 hours, a refund will not be granted.


What all do I need to bring?


PC Gamers


  • 1. Reserve Your Seat Online (price may vary depending on LAN location)
  • 2. Gaming PC and Peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset, etc.)
  • 3. Power Strip
  • 4. Snacks For Yourself
  • 5. A Good Attitude!


Console Gamers


  • 1. Reserve Your Table (2 Seats) Online (price may vary depending on LAN location)
  • 2. Gaming Console and Accessories (Controllers, games, headset, etc.)
  • 3. T.V./Monitor
  • 4. Power Strip
  • 5. Snacks For Yourself
  • 6. A Good Attitude!


Is there anything I shouldn't bring?


  • 1. Speakers
  • 2. Network Switches/Cables
  • 3. Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • 4. Glass Containers
  • 5. Basins/bowls of water and/or ice
  • 6. Projectile Toys/Weapons
  • 7. Alcohol/Drugs


Any other questions?

Shoot us an email at elayingaming@gmail.com!