Diablo 2 in 1080p!

Fri 2nd Dec 2016 - 6:54pm : Gaming

Here's an image of how the game looks on 1920x1080. Nice right? I'll go over what you need for that and another useful mod to allow for a little bit more lenient gameplay (ability to respec stats and skills anytime free).

First off, this is not able to be played online (Closed Don't try it you'll get banned so hard.

Now! You want to relive Diablo 2 in your freetime before D3 ROS takes over your life?



You're going to need four things.

1. Diablo 2. You'll need Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction.

2. PlugY ( this is the free-respec, free-reskill and infinite storage/cross character storage mod. It also brings to the table every runeword from (ladder-only runewords) and the Uber Diablo event from selling SOJs.

3. MultiRes ( this is the Resolution hack/plugin. It allows you to use up to 1920x1080 resolution in Diablo 2. IT IS NOT ALLOWED ONLINE AND IS A BANNABLE MODIFICATION.

4. Borderless Gaming ( Very useful app, allows you to remove the border to your window on Diablo 2, allowing for full screen 'windowed' gameplay.



Now for the installation of all these crazy things.

1. Install Diablo 2. It should be at patch 1.12a. This is what we want, do not update it.

2. Install PlugY by running the executable, no need to change any settings.

3. Unzip's content into your Diablo II folder.

4. Inside your Diablo II folder should be a folder named "Mod PlugY". Open that up and find the PlugY config file. You'll see DllToLoad under the [GENERAL] section. Add D2MultiRes.dll to that and save the file.


5. Right click the PlugY.exe icon, Create Shortcut. Right click your new "PlugY - Shortcut" and go to properties. In the Target: section at the end, OUTSIDE OF THE QUOTES enter in -w and apply. Your target will look like mine..

"E:\Games\Diablo 2\Diablo II\Mod PlugY\PlugY.exe" -w

6. Now that you've done that, open up Diablo II by running the shortcut you just made.

7. Go into a game, Video Options and change the resolution to whatever resolution your monitor is. Position it so that it takes up as much of the screen as possible.

8. Now, open up the Borderless gaming application. On the left side you'll see "Game" Select it and click the bottom button in the center.

9. Return back to Diablo II. Now, if all went correctly your game should look like my screenshot in the top.

10. Have fun!



Special thanks to

where I got most of this from. I made the guide step by step to simplify it even further for a few friends, figured id post it over here to see if I could help anyone.



Ryan Rice

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